1. Log into Eclipse in your web browser.
  2. Click on the "Capture Tab"
  3. You should receive a prompt to install the client. Click on "Install Client Services"
  4. Navigate to your downloads folder and right click "Client Service Setup.exe" and then select "Run As Administrator"
  5. Check off “I agree to the license…” and then click install.
  6. After it finishes installing click close. It will then open up eclipse in the system tray.

  7. Restart your PC.

  8. Open up the client and log in (This should match the user logged into the web browser in the web browser.)

  9. Next go to configure service and sign in again.

    • After you log-in, check off "Enable Automatic Updates".

All done!

Side note: If you want to user Microsoft Office Integration, just go to the "Modules" tab in the client and click on "Office Integration" and it will do the rest!

If you have any trouble or questions with this feel free to create a ticket with us or call at 603-622-2122 and we will be happy to assist!