Description: This error appears when the Apache Tomcat is referencing an older version of Java. 

Software Version: All


The TOMCAT engine runs on your Eclipse Server. You will need access to this to do the following instructions. 

Please Note: Docstar/Eclipse currently does not work with Java 9+. If you have updated to a later version of Java, just Revert back to the latest of Java SE Runtime 8. 

1) Open the Apache Tomcat by going into C: Programs > Apache Software Foundation > Tomcat 7.0 > Bin > Double Click Tomcat7w to open.

2) In the program go to the JAVA Tab 

3) Click the Ellipses (...) next to the Java Virtual Machine address.

4) Access the Java file by going C: Program Files > Java > JRE (The latest download you have) > Bin > Server > Click on the jvm.dll

5) Once Tomcat is pointed at the right java File, you need to restart the service for it to take effect and allow you to access Eclipse. 

6) You'll need to go into the task manager > Services > find Tomcat7 and Right Click and Start