Description: To get Windows Server out of “Safe Mode” Boot Loop

Version: All


  1. In troubleshooting options click on Command prompt
  2. At the command prompt type in Regedit and hit enter
  3. Click on Computer in the left panel above the registry keys
  4. Click on File then choose export and save to the C:\windows\system32\cofig\RegBack\ directory
  5. Take note of drive letters as you will need this to replace the registry and backup files.
  6.  Go back to command prompt and type in 
xcopy /e C:\Windows\System32\Config\*.* D:\RegBackup

        7. Press enter. If prompted for directory or file, choose d for directory. The D: drive will act as your backup location in case something goes wrong.

        8. Go to command prompt and type 

xcopy C:\Windows\System32\Config\RegBack\*.* C:\Windows\System32\Config\

        9.Press enter. Hit A for All

        10. In Command Prompt type

BCDEDIT /SET {Current} recoveryenabled

        11. Press NO and hit enter.

        12.Type exit and choose “Turn Off PC”

        13. Now boot PC in NORMAL MODE and the system will revert the updates and you can now remove the HASP drivers and update the as described earlier in this document