Description:  You may have to add pages to an existing document.

Software Version: Docstar ECM

Check out the video below, and in the next two minutes you'll be ready to quickly and easily add pages to any of your existing documents with ease. 

If further assistance is needed, here are screenshots and written instructions for Scan Inserting:

1. Ensure the Docstar Client Service is connected and pointed at the PC with the scanner installed. Double check that the scanner showing under the "Device" section is correct.

2. In Document view, right click any of the thumbnails of the document and select "Burst Content Item". This will separate the document into individual image files to be able to append or insert in the correct order. You will get a second window confirming your choice and to complete the burst action. (Note: If the document is pre-burst during the initial scanning or importing, you can skip this step)

3. Select the page of the document you want to go after the newly inserted pages. Go to the Actions menu and select "Scan".

4. You will see a Scan window appear. The scanner you confirmed in Step 1 should show and you may select any additional scan options here. Click the Scan/Insert button to scan new pages within the existing document. Scan/Replace will replace the current page an Scan/Append will add the new scans to the end of the document.