Description: Suddenly cannot print import a document, or trying to do it for the first time. 

Software Version: 17.20.xxxxx


1) If this is your first time trying to do Print Import, make sure you have followed the steps properly in this Knowledge Base Article: Installing Office Integration + Print Import

2) Make sure you're properly logged into the Eclipse Client. Here is how to check:

*In the Bottom right of your desktop is your taskbar. This is where the Eclipse client runs in the background.  

*Select the Eclipse Client Service (Blue Globe) [Highlighted below]

*Make sure your Eclipse URL is correct, your username and password are correct. This is how it should look if it's logged in properly (associated with the account logged into Eclipse)

Docstar URL: If your URL is wrong, open up Eclipse and copy the URL up until it says "EclipseWeb". If you cannot access Eclipse, ask someone who may have it to send you the link. If you know your Eclipse Server name, this is also your URL (example: http://servername/eclipseweb) 

If you are still having trouble, your Anti-Virus may be blocking. You can also follow along with this article about quick imports that work wonders.