Description: In order to scan with a desktop scanner in Docstar, you'll need the proper drivers for it to install correctly.

Software Version: 17.20.XXXXX

First, you will want to be logged in as a Domain Admin (or as a user who has rights to Download/Install - your IT should be able to assist if you cannot do this)

You can find all the Drivers at the Panasonic Website: Panasonic Driver Downloads

Find your scanner on the list. You'll notice that some scanners have been listed as [example] KV-S1057C / KV-S1027C - this means that the drivers for both of these scanners are the same. If you have a Scanner that is [Example] KV-S1027 (sans the C) - you will choose the same as the one with the C. 

Once on the next page, look for ISIS DRIVERS. 

On the next page you will find the Execution file

Download this, and immediately run it. 

Post installation, it will tell you to restart, do so before attempting to scan. 

Make sure your scanner is properly plugged in and on. You will want to run a couple test scans to make sure it feeds through. 

If you are having issues, make sure "Show connected Only" is checked off (except for any scanner in the MKII series)