Description: Security Classes define security rights to objects such as content files, content types, inboxes, folders, and workflows. 

They allow you to define who can view, modify, and/or delete objects. 

Version: All


After you have created Groups and Users for your DocStar site, you can create Security Classes. 

Click Security Classes option in the Admin > Manage (2) menu. This opens the Security Classes dialog. 

From this screen you can: 

  • Add a new security class and assign Groups and/or Users rights. 
  • Edit an existing Security Class. 
  • Delete an existing Security Class.


Creating the Security Class

 In the “Security Classes” dialog, on the left, there is a list of all security classes created for your DocStar site.

  1. To create a new class, select New from the Select a Security Class dropdown. 
  2. Enter a Name for the class. 
  3. Enter a Description for the class. 

Defining Rights for the Security Class 

Of course, after you’ve created a security class, you’ll want to define some rights to the class. 

On the right-hand side, there are 2 areas, 1 each for users and groups. To define rights to the security class for a specific user or group, click the “Add” button at the bottom of the area and browse to the users and/or groups that you’d like to define the rights for. 


Next, select the user or group, then, check the boxes under “Permissions” for the rights that you’d like to allow the user or group to have. 


Note that you can simultaneously assign different rights to different users and groups. 


Also note that these permissions are additive, meaning in this example, that will inherit Modify, Redaction, View, Modify Content, and Modify Annotations in addition to Approve and Content Generation if that user is a member of the Default Group.