Description: Here is a detailed guide to get through the capture tab efficiently

Software: The version listed is 17.52+, but the generalization is seen throughout the previous versions 


Color coordinated assistance. You will find the text associated with the colored marks below the picture to explain each section:

Scan Tab - In the image provided, you will find that it is Golden Yellow and states Docstar Client Connected. If you notice this is  greyed out and it states "Docstar Client not Connected", "No Docstar Clients Connected", "Client needs to be updated" - there's a chance it's just not running. You can open your start menu (Bottom left of the screen, looks like a windows symbol) and type "Eclipse Client" (you do not need to click anywhere for this search to be performed). It should pop right up - just click it and it will open properly. If you do not have a client, please download and install the client by following the "How to: install and configure a Docstar Client"

Device - This dropdown displays your scanner. If you do not see the scanner populated, please follow the instructions in the "Scan Tab" section. If your client is not installed, properly signed in with the account logged into Docstar or running on the proper computer, you will run into problems. If you have determined that your scanner is on, detected by windows, client running and pointing to the PC you're using - click the dropdown to see if the Scanner Shows up.  You may need to perform a "Power Cycle" to refresh the scanner.

Content Type -  Your document(s) need a content type to be scanned into. This will determine where it gets filed and what workflow will process this document. 

Settings - These are you scan settings. You can edit/create a new one by hitting "Edit" or "new" on the [right] side. You can also create "Copies" of settings that only have slight changes by editing a setting that only needs a small change and clicking "Save as" at the bottom. 

The settings in the black parenthesis are how your documents will show up (you can also set this in the scan settings). 

Single Pages - Every page scanned will be its own document

One Document - Every scanned will be created into one document

Separator - blank page -  If you place blank pages between documents that you want separated, this will pull those pages and create separated documents (Settings for threshold are in the scan settings - higher the number, the deeper it looks for a blank page. Please select "remove blank pages" as well)

Prompt to continue - This will create a popup asking if you have any more documents to scan.

Auto View - This brings up the document(s) just scanned, instead of hitting buttons to move on.

Import - Manually bring in documents to Docstar. 

Content Type - The same with scanning in a document, you must select the content type to import into.

Browse - Common used is the Browser File Select

Pre-Processing - These are settings a lot like your Scan Settings

Create as: Published or draft. You always want to have "Published" selected

Auto. View - Brings up the document after it's imported 

The bottom portion is where you documents will show render/process. If you choose to import your documents,  you will need to select the "Upload" button. 

If you import documents and they all need to be one document, you can select all the documents (first one clicked would be the top document, so on down the line). Go to Actions > select Merge