Description: Content can be assigned to “record categories,” which define how long particular content item(s) are to be retained before disposition. Once content retention period has ended, the content item can be automatically disposed (deleted) or placed into separate folders for review before deletion.

Software: All


Record Category: Allows you to set the record category for the document(s) you have selected. 

Freeze: This allows you place a freeze on a content item preventing the item from being deleted and halting any record category activity (if any) from occurring.  You will be prompted to enter a Name and Reason for the Freeze.

Unfreeze: This will remove a freeze on content item(s).  You will be prompted to select the Name of the person for whom the document freeze will be removed.

Set Cutoff Date: This feature allows you to select a cutoff date for the content item from calendar.  Setting a cutoff date triggers any record categories, if applied, to begin a countdown.

(If you have a Custom Date Field make sure it is specified as "DATE/TIME")

You can apply Record Categories to Content Type or Workflow.

Content Type Builder:

Workflow: Edit Step > Edit Action > Add "Prompt for Record freeze"