An Invalid License was Detected. View Named (Id#). Please Contact Support.

Description: Error comes up for all users including Rerunning config does not help.

Software Versions Affected:  19, 20 + 


  1. Open SQL and take a back up of Astria_Host
  2. Run this query: SELECT * FROM dbo.Company
    • Jot down the provision code
  3. Open and run the query of the file (Reset Licensing.sql)
  4. Sign in as admin@docstar and go Admin-->Licensing
    • Enter the provision code and click submit. If this does not fix it or throws any errors you'll need to chat with DocStar and they can fix this on their end or give the offline activation.

       5. IMPORT JOBS WILL START FAILING, so clear and reset both the configure service and log in credentials in the client log in / configure service on the server.

Reference Ticket: Login Issues