Description: Step by Step installing office integration and print imports. 



You must have the Docstar Client Downloaded for this to work. It will also need to be running for you to be able to do this properly. If you do not have a Client downloaded, please follow this link on how to install and set it up! 

1) At the bottom right of your screen, in the task bar, you want to open up the Docstar Client. It is identified as a Blue Globe:

2) Make sure you are logged into the client with your Docstar Credentials. (*If you use SINGLE SIGN ON make sure you click the checkbox above the username/password fields*)

3) Move to the Modules Tab and click the button for Print Import (let it download) and/or Office Integration

Click Here if you are receiving Licensing Issues when trying to install the modules.


Make sure you refresh your outlook after downloading Office Integration so the program can be properly installed.