Description: The Docstar client needs to be installed on a user's PC if scanning, batch imports, print

imports, or email imports will be utilized.


  1. Log into Eclipse in your web browser.
  2. Click on the "Capture Tab"
  3. You should receive a prompt to install the client. Click on "Install Client Services"**If the "CLIENT CONNECTION HELP" screen doesn't popup, click the “No Epicor ECM clients available” link under the capture tab. Then click “Install/Update Client Services”
  4. Navigate to your downloads folder and right click "Client Service Setup.exe" and then select "Run As Administrator"
  5. Check Off “I agree to the license…” and then click install.
  6. After it finishes installing, click close. The program will be running in the system tray.
  7. Restart your PC.
  8. Open the Docstar client by clicking its icon in the system tray and then log in as the user.
    • Ensure the "Eclipse URL" matches the URL of the Docstar site (example: http://ServerName/EclipseWeb).
  9. To install Office integration and the Docstar PDF printer, click the 'modules' tab and then either the 'print import' or  'office integration' button. All MS Office applications should be closed during the install.